Life Insurance Needs CalculatorLast month one of our clients, LifeQuote requested us to create a small app to help their clients calculate the amount of Life Insurance required. We really loved the whole idea, and wanted to come up with something that would be really easy for their customers to use.


First, we went around searching for other calculators that existed for this purpose and for other purposes as well. After some research, we found most calculators/forms to be either very long and a daunting task to fill up. We really wanted it to be a great user experience and something users can easily drag and drop to fill even on their phones, which lead to us using only Range Inputs instead of the usual Text Inputs used in forms. However, there is still a second version of this calculator that we are considering, that will have the option to have both Range and Text Inputs, to give the user a choice and an even better user experience.

Design Process

Our client has specific colors that go with their brand, that made things a little easy. We also decided to build the calculator mobile first, our main focus is to make sure the calculator performs well both on larger as well as smaller mobile devices.

User interactivity and the response time for the user to see changes from their input, was also a major focus. We wanted the user to see numbers change as soon as they changed any of the range inputs. In our thought process, this would great enhance the user experience and it shows in the finished product.

We put in extra efforts to make the UI look slick, respond instantly and be as user friendly as possible. Have a look at the life insurance needs calculator in action. We would love to hear your thoughts regarding this project. Feel free to send us feedback that could help us improve our processes further.