One way to get your business out there is by sending commercial campaigns using email. This method is called Email Marketing – A highly effective digital marketing strategy to convert prospects into customers. Speaking of effectivity, here are 20 benefits you can get using email marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Using Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Reduced Marketing Cost

Email marketing is very cost effective. There are no advertising, media or printing fees in email marketing. This is a low-cost way to promote your business or services compared to other forms of advertisements.

2. Scheduling and Time Saving

You can automate emails to be sent to your customers depending on their activity. For example, when a customer signs up to your website, a welcome email will be automatically sent to them. Through automation, you will be able to save time and effort.

3. Take Control of Your Audience

Targeted emails allow you to be in control of who sees your marketing campaign. You can segment your contact list depending on their lead status, location or even demographics. This lets you create content suited specifically to your customer’s needs. By doing so, you will get a higher conversion rate.

4. Improved Conversion Rate

Email Campaigns allow you to talk to your customers. If your emails are delivered directly to their inbox, there is a high chance they will open it to read what you have to say. Having catchy subject lines play an important part here. Write in a conversational tone and be specific. Make good landing pages and provide a link in your email.
Also, your subject line should align with the content inside the email otherwise people will start to unsubscribe.

5. Personalized and Customizable Message

You can create customized templates and email designs according to the different niches you cater to. Either use plain text, graphic or a combination of both. Always go with colors that represent your organization. Add your company’s logo and signature.

If you are serving a B2B industry:

  • Be specific
  • Use a natural and conversational tone
  • Show proof of your previous accomplishments/ case studies to build trust

Here are two examples of cold email templates that you can use to create interesting emails.

If you are serving a B2C industry:

  • Keep it natural
  • Ask questions
  • Make sure people benefit from reading your emails. This could include offering any useful information, sale updates or discount coupons.

6. Shareable

Email content is easy to share and can be forwarded to other people. This helps you build your reputation by word-of-mouth. Potential customers may be influenced to follow your brand as well. Having a good newsletter can motivate your clients to send it to a family member or a friend.

7. Real-time Marketing

Automated triggers allow you to reach the right audience, at the right time. These triggers include website activity, shopping cart abandonment, recent purchase or signing up. This will help you present the right offer to each customer.

8. Scalable

Depending on your target audience, this marketing strategy can help you reach a wide network of potential customers at once or a smaller but more targeted list.

9. Eco-friendly

This is an environmentally friendly way to market and advertise. We are all trying to help save mother earth in any way possible, so you can start by going paperless on your ads.

10. Brand Recognition

Brand awareness will be built with new or potential customers through the emails you send them. Email marketing helps establish credibility as well.

11. In-Depth Customer Database

It is easier to identify what the customer will do with the email you sent them. You can then add this information to make an in-depth database for your business. Let’s say that you sell chocolates. If you send an email and the customer responds, you can then add what kind of chocolates they like in your records. So, the next time you have a sale of dark chocolates, you can filter those who bought that type of chocolate from you and send them a notification email.

12. Track User Engagement and Sales

There are tools that could help you track how many people opened the email or how many of them clicked the link within the email. You’ll be able to identify who are returning customers and who are most likely to make a purchase.

13. Increase Website Traffic

Email marketing campaigns help increase your website traffic. How? You can add links to the email that you’ll be sending out. Customers will then be curious and click the link, bringing them to your website.

14. Email Marketing Helps Build Credibility

People like to do business and buy products from companies they know and trust. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to create and deliver useful, informative content that adds value for your readers. A good example can be of a monthly newsletter. Many companies and thought leaders develop a bond of trust and credibility by providing useful information through emails.

15. Makes You Look Like a Professional

Emails make a business look more professional than simply sending out messages through social media. It is customizable, making it perfect to use for business purposes. You can add your logo and colors to make sure that they remember your brand.

16. Convert Potential Leads into Customers

Having visitors sign up to your email marketing list is a great way to generate more leads. By sharing useful content, you can create a relationship with your readers. Adding discount vouchers and coupons can also intrigue the readers to try out your product or service. This also gives you a chance to convert these first-time purchasers into regular customers by offering them a quality product and service.

17. Promotions

You can’t call all your previous customers to inform them that you have a 20% off sale. Email gives you the opportunity to catch their attention again and promote your services at different times of the year.

18. Easy to Test and Optimize

There are many subject headlines and CTAs to choose from. You can’t add them all up in just one message. Email marketing lets you know which ones work and which ones doesn’t. It is very easy to test out a message and optimize it to get better results.

19. It’s Easy to Get Started

You can set up your first campaign within an hour if you want to. There are email automation tools to help you set up drip campaigns that trigger email messages when a customer takes a specific action.

20. Improve Communication

Communication is key. Without the proper channel, you may lose contact with your clients or potential customers. Email is one of the most reliable ways to communicate with anyone. Starting with a marketing email may lead to a strong relationship with your audience.

Email Marketing is IMPORTANT.

If you haven’t considered this marketing strategy yet, it’s better to start thinking about it now. With these 20 reasons alone, your sales may double in no time. With a strong message, the right marketing list and the perfect automation tool – your business will surely benefit.

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